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Weekly Entrees & Sides

Entrées & Sides

Weekly entrees - LobsterBring your family back to the table

Experience freedom

Here are some new items for the case in addition to your favorites. We promise it'll be healthy, delicious, exciting and always freshly made at the market. Phone ahead and we will have your meal packed to take home or travel.


Prepared foods in addition to basic salads and sides


Weekly Specials call in or check our FACEBOOK page

Reheating in the ovenReheating in

the oven

To reheat most items in the oven, place on an oven sheet at 325 degrees, cover with foil and heat 10-15 minutes. If there is a sauce, put the sauce over the food halfway through heating

Microwaving successfullyMicrowaving

First, cover loosely with plastic food wrap. Aways use 60% power, heating for 1-2 minutes turn/stir/check. High heat will dry out the food and make the textures tough. Heat again in 30 second increments until acceptable tempertaure.

Sandwiches and wrapsSandwiches

Our sandwiches are served with reduced fat Cape Cod Chips.
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Gourmet to GoGoumet to Go

Healthy, delicious, exciting and always freshly made at the Market.
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